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Yard Waste Update:

West Central Sanitation had a full truck. They will be returning Saturday 11/13/21 for the rest. 


Outstanding Account Assessments

The City of Glenwood is in the process of preparing delinquent accounts to be assessed to the owner's 2022 property taxes. Payments must be received by Friday, November 5th or the balance will be certified to the county for collection.


If any residents wish to appeal, requests must be received by Wednesday, November 3rd to City Hall. The City Commission will review requests at their regular meeting on Tuesday, November 9th. Please contact City Hall with any questions. 


Bi-Weekly Yard Waste Pickup Ends November 12th

Residents are asked to place leaves, grass clippings or other organic plant material in compostable yard waste bags that can be purchased at a hardware store. Twigs and small sticks must be tied in small bundles, no branches larger than 3 inches in diameter. Please set these items at the curb for pick-up. Yard waste will be picked up every other Friday, from April 16- November 12th as weather permits.


Snow Event

Towing Information

If your vehicle is not moved in accordance with the Glenwood Snow Plowing/Removal Guidelines or moved to a cleared section of City Streets by 8:00 am; you might be subject to being towed.


For information regarding any towing services, call: Sparky's BK Towing at 320-815-5204. 

Unimproved Roads and Alleys

Most of the patted and unimproved roads, roadways and alleys within the City of Glenwood are utilized by and for utilities either overhead or underground. These areas are not designed or developed to be traversed by the general public on a regular basis. They are, however, able to be traversed by adjacent property owners to obtain temporary or limited access to their property. Attention should be given to ensure that these areas are not traversed when damage may occur due to soft ground conditions. This does not mean that property owner has authority to cut trees, grade, remove or add gravel, or perform any type of improvement(s) to the area without first obtaining written consent from the City of Glenwood. 


Manganese consumption advisory 

The City of Glenwood is dedicated to providing clean and safe drinking water. Residents received a letter regarding manganese levels in the water supply. Due to the continuing drought, manganese levels are at an elevated level. While manganese is unregulated and does not have an enforceable standard- MDH recommended health guidelines are available for personal review.  

Glasses of Water

Glenwood Consumer Confidence Report

Glenwood works hard to provide you with safe and reliable drinking water that meets federal and state water quality requirements. The purpose of this report is to provide you with information on your drinking water and how to protect our precious water resources.

Floral Mask

COVID-19 News

Questions have arisen whether COVID-19 can be transmitted via drinking water.  COVID-19 is not a waterborne disease and both EPA and CDC have addressed this in the following websites:

Shovelling Snow


Snow Removal

All sidewalks within the residential district of Glenwood must be cleared of snow within 36 hours.  This is to include blowing snow, drifting snow, and freezing rain.

The City may cause to be removed all snow and/or ice for any default of City Ordinance Section 7.05 “Ice and Snow On Public Sidewalks.”  The owner of the abutting property will be invoiced for snow removal based on the City’s current fee schedule.


Local Sales

and Use Tax

Details on the Glenwood 0.5 percent sales and use tax that goes into effect on January 1, 2020.


Drinking Water

2019 Report

Report containing our monitoring results from January 1 to December 31, 2019.


Buckthorn Brigade Educational Material

Find out about the Buckthorn Brigade at Barsness Park.

For more information on announcements, contact the City of Glenwood

weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at 320-634-5433.