Staff & Officials

Appointed Staff

City Administrator

David Iverson

City Attorney

Bruce Obenland
Obenland & Nelson Law Office

Police Chief

Dale Danter

Fire Chief

Bruce Cerney

Finance Officer

Brenda Sargent - For City financial information and zoning questions please contact Brenda.

Public Works Director

David Perryman - For information related to City utilities please contact David.


Payten Doscher - For utility billing questions, camping reservations and general City questions, please contact Payten.

Library Director

Leslie Randall

Tim Schoonhoven

Civil Engineer

Larry Van Hout

Civil Engineer

Pete Sarberg

Water Resources Engineer

Building Inspector

Michael Friedrichs

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Elected Officials


Sherri Kazda


Todd Gylsen


Donna Martin


Mavis Pattee


Neil Haynes


For more information on staff and officials, contact the City of Glenwood

weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at 320-634-5433.